About PCAC

The Paulding Child Advocacy Center (PCAC) provides a neutral environment to talk with children.  Our home-like setting allows children involved in abuse investigations to be interviewed by trained professionals in a friendly and comfortable  environment.  We assist in the coordination of investigations so that the various involved agencies work together for the best outcomes.

PCAC History

In August 2000, the Paulding Division of Family and Children Services and Paulding County Sheriff's Office began referring cases to the child advocacy center in Rome, Georgia (Harbor House).  After more than 60 Paulding families were served by Harbor House, local agencies agreed that a center was needed in Paulding County to better serve the community.  In 2003, land was donated and the Paulding Homebuilders Association began construction on what is now our current facility.  Harbor House continued to provide trained staff to conduct forensic interviews at PCAC from 2004 through April 2017.  In May 2017, PCAC became an independent center with its own staff and expanded services from not only forensic interviewing but also on-site therapy and specialized training for community members/professionals. 

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PCAC Staff

PCAC's staff consists of a full time Executive Director, Clinical Director, and Program Administrator.  Part-time volunteer therapists and family advocates (through internships) assist full-time staff in the daily operations of the center. 

Ivy Capps, MS, joined PCAC in November 2018 as Executive Director.  She has over 24 years of experience in

social services and advocacy, 16 of which were spent at child advocacy centers around the southeast.  Ivy

has conducted more than 900 interviews and feels that working at a child advocacy center is a 'calling'

for her.  To contact Ivy, email ivyc@pauldingcac.org.


                                                Claire Kirkland, LCSW, joined PCAC as Clinical Director in March 2019.  She has several years experience 

                                                working with children providing intervention and therapeutic services, as well as forensic interviewing. 

                                                Claire took up the reins to build our therapy services program and supervises the intern therapists and family

                                                advocates.  You can reach Claire at clairek@pauldingcac.org.

Kelly McFearin, BA, joined PCAC in January 2018 as Program Administrator after 9 years as Administrator/Family

Advocate at Harbor House. Thanks to her affiliation with that center and it's involvement with Paulding law

enforcement and DFCS, she had existing professional relationships with the Paulding community and thus made

a smooth transition from Harbor House to PCAC.  She has more than 23 years of experience in social services and

child advocacy.  To contact Kelly, email kellym@pauldingcac.org.

                                        Mikayla Dittman, LMSW, joined PCAC's staff in October 2021.  She previously worked with us as an intern then as a

                                        contract therapist before becoming our full-time Therapist/Family Advocate.  Mikayla has worked with several

                                        advocacy centers as an intern and volunteer, and she has several years experience working in clinical settings

                                        with children.  To contact Mikayla, email mikaylad@pauldingcac.org


PCAC Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are volunteers from the community who dedicate themselves to the operation and mission of PCAC              


President - Narda Konchel        Secretary -  Dr. Karniese Daniel         Treasurer - Alex Crenshaw                          Tracy Parker                             Amy Womack                               Karen Burnsed (Past President)

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