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PCAC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We receive federal funding through the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council via Victims of Crime Act grants, Paulding County Government, local civic organizations and businesses, and individual donations.  Local support from community members is vital to our operations.  Your help - monetary, in-kind, or volunteering - is greatly appreciated.  Contact us anytime to find out how you can help.


PCAC is partnered with the Paulding County Water Department.

You can add a donation to your water bill every little

as rounding up a few cents to the nearest dollar on the odd bill,

or fixed monthly donations.  Your choice!  Just look for the box

on your monthly bill and indicate your donation amount. 

We gladly accept online contributions through PayPal. 

PCAC welcomes in-kind donations.  Items that we regularly exhaust in serving children and families include:

  • bottled water, juice boxes, and sodas

  • blankets/throws

  • DVD-Rs and envelopes

  • copy paper

  • coffee pods (k-cup style) and  sweeteners (sugar, Splenda, etc.)

Feel free to contact us to find out what our immediate need may be...if we've been lucky enough to have just received a donation of a particular item, our need may shift to other items.  Call anytime at 678.363.7234 or email the program administrator.

PCAC also participates in the Kroger Community Rewards Program.  If you have a

Kroger Plus Card, you can link your card to PCAC so that when you shop, a small

portion of your purchase will be donated to our center.  You can learn more about

the program and how to link your card by visiting Kroger's website

Thank you for your support! 

You are helping to protect and serve the children in our community.



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