PCAC's therapeutic services are free to eligible children and

their caregivers, based upon therapist availability.  When

you meet with the interviewer or advocate after your child's

interview, it is likely that counseling services will be

recommended.  If so, the Clinical Director will contact you

to discuss needs and help you decide if services through

PCAC are appropriate or if a referral to an outside provider

is suitable.  At this time, we offer both in-person and virtual

sessions as requested your/your child.




                                                                                                           If your child is assigned to meet with a PCAC therapist, that therapist

                                                                                                           will contact you directly to discuss scheduling.  Your first visit

                                                                                                           typically involves collecting information about your child and your

                                                                                                           family, and completing an intake assessment.

                                                                                                           PCAC primarily utilizes trauma focused-cognitive behavioral therapy

                                                                                                           (TF-CBT).  TF-CBT is an evidence-based treatment for children

                                                                                                           impacted by trauma and their caregivers.  Research shows that

                                                                                                           TF-CBT successfully resolves a broad array of emotional and

                                                                                                           behavior difficulties associated with single, multiple, and complex

                                                                                                           trauma experiences.  You can learn more about the TF-CBT model by

                                                                                                           visiting the official certification program website at

If your child is referred to an outside provider, you'll either be contacted directly by that provider or you may be required to reach out to the provider yourself to schedule the initial appointment.  (This depends upon the provider - some require a referral from PCAC to initiate services while others must be contacted directly by caregivers.)


Currently, we are restructuring our support group program and there are no groups scheduled.  Check back for updates or feel free to contact PCAC for more information.

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